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What Is The Difference Between Generic And Branded Drugs?

difference between generic and branded drugs


Generic Drugs are those drugs that are created using the same active component as the brand-name drug. At the same time, branded drugs refer to the name given to the drug by the producing company. Yet, despite having a different brand name, generic drugs will have the same active components as branded drugs. In this blog, we will learn the differences between generic and branded drugs in a deeper context. You will learn the insights of both drugs.

Generic Drugs

Generic Drugs are medicines that are equivalent to their brand-name counterparts in terms of dosage, strength, intended use, quality, and effectiveness but are sold under their chemical or generic name. They are generally produced after the patent for the brand-name drug has expired, allowing the pharmaceutical companies to make and sell the same drug. Some examples of generic drugs are Acetaminophen, Adderall, Lorazepam, and Clonazepam. You can buy generic Adderall online and get relief delivered to your doorstep.

Branded Drugs

Branded Drugs are medicines that are marketed and sold under a specific brand name by a pharmaceutical company, usually after the company has obtained a patent. Branded Drugs may be more expensive than their generic equivalents due to research and development costs, marketing expenses, and exclusive rights granted by the patent. Branding can also help distinguish a drug from its competitors and create customer loyalty. Some examples of branded drugs are Ativan, Klonopin, Tylenol, and Ritalin.

Difference between Generic and Branded Drugs

There are multiple differences between Generic and Branded Drugs. Some of them are listed below-


One of the primary differences between generic and branded drugs is in the manufacturing process. Pharmaceutical companies develop branded drugs through extensive research and development processes. These companies often hold patents on the drugs they create, which can prevent other companies from producing the same drug for a certain period of time.

On the other hand, generic drugs are produced by other companies after the patent on the branded drug has expired. These companies use the same active ingredients as the branded drug but may use different inactive ingredients and manufacturing processes. This can lead to slight variations in how the drug is absorbed or metabolized by the body, which can impact its effectiveness or side effects.


Another significant difference between generic and branded drugs is their cost. Branded drugs are often more expensive than their generic counterparts, primarily because of the costs associated with research and development, marketing, and branding. Pharmaceutical companies invest significant resources in developing and testing new drugs, and consumers frequently pay for these expenses through higher prices.

In contrast, generic drugs are typically much less expensive than branded drugs. Since generic drug manufacturers do not have to invest as much in research and development or marketing, they can sell their products at a lower cost. In some cases, generic drugs may cost as little as 10% of the branded drugs’ price. You can order Adderall online overnight at the most affordable rate.


Branded drugs are often recognizable by their unique colors, shapes, and packaging. These features are often designed to distinguish the drug from other products in the market and to make it easily recognizable to consumers. However, generic drugs may look different from the branded version since they are produced by different companies. They look normal in appearance and are often dull in color.

While the active ingredients and dosage of generic drugs must be identical to the branded version, the inactive ingredients and manufacturing process may differ. This can sometimes result in differences in the drug’s appearance, such as a different color or shape.


Branded Drugs are typically available only through prescription, while generic drugs may be available over the counter or through prescription. This is because branded drugs are often considered more complex and potentially more dangerous than generic drugs and may require closer supervision by a healthcare professional. You can buy generic Adderall with or without a prescription online.

However, there are some cases where generic drugs may be less widely available than their branded counterparts. For example, if the branded drug is still under patent, other companies may be prevented from producing a generic version of the drug.


Both branded and generic drugs are required to meet the same safety and efficacy standards in order to be approved for use by regulatory agencies such as the FDA. However, some people may experience differences in effectiveness or side effects between the two types of drugs.

This is because the inactive ingredients and manufacturing process used to produce the drug may affect the way it is absorbed or metabolized by the body. In some cases, a person may be more sensitive to certain inactive ingredients or manufacturing processes used in the generic version, which can result in differences in effectiveness or side effects. You can buy generic Adderall online to get the best and most effective treatment delivered to you.


Another significant difference between branded and generic drugs is their marketing. Branded Drugs are marketed by the pharmaceutical company that holds the patent for the drug. The company invests a significant amount in marketing to increase the awareness and use of the drug. The marketing strategies may include advertising, sponsorships, and promotions.

On the other hand, generic drugs are marketed by companies that do not hold a patent for the drug. These companies usually do not invest as much money in marketing as branded drug companies. Generic drugs are often sold under the name of the active ingredient or a generic name, which may not be as recognizable as the brand name of the branded drug. You can order all generic medicines online from e-pharmacies and get them efficiently delivered to you.


In conclusion, both generic and branded drugs are two types of drugs available in the market. The primary difference between these two types of drugs is their cost. Generic drugs are usually less expensive than branded drugs because generic drug manufacturers do not have to spend money on research, development, and marketing. However, both types of drugs have the same active ingredients. Ultimately, the choice between branded and generic drugs will depend on various factors such as cost, availability, and individual health needs.

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